STS 4100 Gleitwerkstoff: ist sehr verschleißbeständig, hohe mechanische Festigkeit, geeignet für Drehrohrofendichtungen und Gleitelemente wie z.B. Kettenführungen, STS 4100 Sliding material

STS 4100 Sliding material

In modern drive and sealing technology, good sliding properties and the lowest possible coefficient of friction are crucial for an economic operation of plants. STS 4100 Sliding material is thus an ideal choice here.

It is suitable for rotary kiln seals and sliding elements such as chain guides. A good wear resistance and high mechanical strength are further convincing product properties.

Technical datastaticdynamic
Mean coefficient of friction (dry)*10,45 µ0,47 µ
Tmax Operation temperature *2
Continuous operation
160 °C170 °C
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