STS2012 Reibwerkstoff: Hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit, erhöhte Druckfestigkeit, lange Standzeit, Bandschmierölbeständig, statisch & dynamisch einsetzbar, STS 2012 friction material

STS 2012 friction material

Organically bonded, high-strength drive lining, thus no damage to the belt from breakouts. STS2012 friction material is the logical further development of the tried and trusted STS2010 and is also characterised by a high thermal fatigue strength.

Up to 210 °C means a new record for resin-bonded drive linings. STS2012 is resistant to all approved belt oils, and its excellent nominal coefficient of friction of µ 0.12 under oil guarantees high belt speeds and stable running without slippage.

Technical datastatic
Mean coefficient of friction (oil)*10,10 - 0,13 µ
Operation temperature*2
Continuous operation
210 °C
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