product development

Non-stop individual developments – our motivation, your progress.

It’s no secret that customers from all fields of industry are demanding increasingly higher performances!

Eye on economic aspects during our development work. Our daily motivation is to keep up with this rapid progress, and even push it forward. This is why continuous and bespoke developments play a key role in our company. Development work for us means reacting quickly to the individual and variable wishes of our customers. Others call it customising, for us it is the healthy relationship with our customers and their requirements.

We use a cutting-edge portfolio of materials for this purpose. Our developments are carried out exclusively with brand name raw materials. Brand name raw materials for us stand for a constantly high quality of our friction materials over longer periods of time. Direct contact with the right member of staff and quick availability of the resources – this is decisive for all of our fields of work!

Our development engineers are always up-to-date and familiar with the latest findings in material technology. What’s more, and this is just as important, they put a lot of time and effort into satisfying the comprehensive statutory requirements.

Environmental compatibility and sustainability should be more than buzzwords! Our team is inquisitive and at the same time can draw on many years of experience. It goes without saying that we also keep a close

This is where we benefit from being a classic medium-sized enterprise – short paths, functioning communication channels and a high level of commitment are part and parcel of our everyday work.

This means that all information needed for a faster response to customers’ wishes is easily available – we promise you!

The various types of friction linings are subjected to a number of different loads and stresses during their normal operation. Rising thermal and mechanical requirements are the challenges our development engineers face up to with great commitment.

The goal: maximum performance, no noise!

Here too, STS Friction treats supposedly small challenges just as seriously as large projects. Time and again, and always in search of the best solutions.

The product and process development departments work hand in hand with prototyping and the laboratory, which guarantees that our solutions are individually tailored to the customers’ needs. This effort is by no means a matter of course, but it does reflect the way STS Friction GmbH sees itself.

Innovative solutions are made possible through the experience of our employees and the willingness to invest. And again, this experience creates quality. Our customers’ success is our success too!

The same quality for all branches of industry – this is what we stand for! How can we help you?