Isolierwerkstoff, Bremsbelag, Kupplungsbelag, Reibwert, Temperatur, Verschleiß, Leistung, Druckfestigkeit, Geschwindigkeit ,Maschinenbau, Industrie, Standzeit, Doppelbandpresse Reibwerkstoff, friction and insulating material

STS 2010 Friction and insulating material

A tried and trusted friction and insulating material from the family of resin-bonded fibreglass- and mineral powder-reinforced materials.

It is characterised by high thermal reserves for coefficients of friction and structural strength as well as a high material strength. It thus allows an optimum screw fitting and a long service life and is resistant to all common belt lubricating oils. Finally, STS2010 offers a medium to high coefficient of friction in both dry and oily conditions and is suitable for static and dynamic applications.

Technical datastaticdynamic
Mean coefficient of friction
• dry *1
• oiled *2
0,40 µ
0,10 – 0,13 µ
0,40 µ
Tmax Operation temperature *2
Continuous operation
200 °C
200 °C
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