STS4061 Reibwerkstoff: Besonders breiter Anwendungsbereich im Maschinenbau. Formstabil, hohe mechanische Stabilität sowie unabhängige Beanspruchungsrichtung, STS 4061 Friction material

STS 4061 Friction material

STS 4061 Friction material is a material with a very wide range of applications in mechanical engineering.

Its outstanding properties are its dimensional stability, high mechanical stability and independent direction of stress. The material is gentle on the mating material and thus very wear-resistant. It is also a convincing choice on account of the minor differences between static and dynamic coefficients of friction.

Technical datastaticdynamic
Mean coefficient of friction (dry)0,41 µ *10,41 µ *1
Tmax Operation temperature *2
Continuous operation
200 °C
300 °C
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