STS 2012 friction material

Organically bonded, high-strength drive lining, thus no damage to the belt from breakouts. STS2012 is the logical further development of the tried and trusted STS2010 and is also characterised by a high thermal fatigue strength. Up to 210 °C means a new record for resin-bonded drive linings. STS2012 is resistant to all approved belt oils, and its excellent nominal coefficient of friction of µ 0.12 under oil guarantees high belt speeds and stable running without slippage.

STS 4000 Friction material

Our industrial ceramics drum lining STS4000 guarantees minimum downtimes and thus a high plant availability. You profit from maximum belt utilisation and a simultaneous longer belt life since the belt tension is reduced. A high resistance to weathering as well as to thermal, mechanical and chemical influences ensure the trouble-free operation and maximum conveying efficiency of your plant. This makes STS4000 the ideal overall solution for belt conveyors.

STS 4590 Friction material

Extreme operational demands often occur in drive and lifting technology as well as mechanical engineering. This is why the best materials are needed. STS4590 has a high coefficient of friction and is thus suitable for use in disc brake linings, for example in crane brakes and rotor brakes in wind turbines. It can also be used in the field of sintered friction linings.

STS 4061 Friction material

STS4061 is a material with a very wide range of applications in mechanical engineering. Its outstanding properties are its dimensional stability, high mechanical stability and independent direction of stress. The material is gentle on the mating material and thus very wear-resistant. It is also a convincing choice on account of the minor differences between static and dynamic coefficients of friction.