Wind, Energy and STS Friction – your combination for your success!

Exploit the wind with materials from STS Friction GmbH.


Wind power is one of the oldest, strongest and also most reliable forms of energy on earth. It is precisely these strengths and this reliability which you would expect from all the components in a wind turbine; and with lightening-paced technological advances. 

Modern wind power stations are high-tech products and require correspondingly high-grade materials. This comes down to economic efficiency over very long service lives and high friction coefficients.

The azimuth brake lining STS 4042 works noise-free and safely. Its exceptional corrosion and wear performance minimises the maintenance requirements of your wind turbine. Our STS 4088 is the logical further development of the STS 4042 which was proven in the original equipment. It is setting new records in terms of static friction coefficients under high tensile stress and noise performance.

Dry friction coefficient0,44 µ0,40 µ
Max. permanent temperature160 °C180 °C
Compressive strength at room temperature110 N/mm²115 N/mm²

We meet all demands concerning the individual shaping of our materials and are your partner for all spare parts requirements. Our application engineers respond quickly and reliably to our customers‘ requirements.

The potential of wind power is still yet to be exploited by a long way.Exploit the wind with materials from STS Friction GmbH

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