Better Drive With The STS Powerpack!

STS 2012 and STS 2050 – the two STS friction materials to support the most economical use of your continuous press!

  • Excellent coefficient of friction even with oil

  • Better band control

  • Highest operating temperature possible

  • Highest material strength under thermal load

  • Extremely durable

This Powerpack is an important factor for the most efficient use of your continuous press whereby your maintenance cost is minimized. On top of that STS 2050 is thermally resistant up to 250°C and provides the possibility to run your heating system consistently on the edge!

STS 2012STS 2050
Coefficient of friction, dry0.40 µ0.60 µ
Coefficient of friction, oiled0.12 µ0.15 µ
Max. operating temperature210°C250°C
Compressive Strength 200°C160 N/mm²125 N/mm²
Compressive Strength 250°C125 N/mm²
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