RenoLin® – the direct repair and maintenance process


We combine the knowledge and experience of our engineers with the STS 4000 material and the innovative and cost-efficient RenoLin® process – a milestone in terms of economy and productivity. 

At STS Friction we have developed our own system of partial or complete reconditioning to deliver pulley linings that are as good as new. With this system we can guarantee optimum results. 

This is how it works:

Using a thermal/mechanical process we gently detach the layer of STS 4000 lining that was directly bonded to the pulley. The complete removal of the lining does not damage or distort the pulley surface.

Gentle thermal/mechanical
partial detachment

STS Friction
bonding agent

Application, compression and texturing
of the ceramic compound

The key advantages are as follows:

  • Complete lining can be replaced without removing the drive pulley

  • Partial repairs are also possible

Only the perfect interaction between the high-performance STS 4000 material, the innovative RenoLin® reconditioning process and the decades of experience of our engineers working on site at major gravel quarries, potash mines and opencast lignite mines guarantees a perfect result. 

We would be pleased to make this high-capacity system available to you as well!

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