Extreme operational demands often occur in drive and lifting technology as well as mechanical engineering. This is why the best materials are needed. STS4590 has a high coefficient of friction and is thus suitable for use in disc brake linings, for example in crane brakes and rotor brakes in wind turbines. It can also be used in the field of sintered friction linings.

Technical datastaticdynamic
Mean coefficient of friction (dry)0,35 µ *10,49 µ *1
Tmax Continuous operation
Tmax Short time
300 °C
450 °C
500 °C *2
800 °C
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1)Testing in accordance with Krauss at a specific pressure of 1 N/mm², brake disk quality in GG
2)Temperatures quoted relate to the dynamic application case on the surface of the friction lining.
(Stand: 17.11.2014)