This product from the group of sliding materials is made of a resin-bonded, metal-free material, thus offering endless opportunities for a low-friction, stable application. In addition to the very low coefficient of friction, a good wear resistance in combination with a high load-bearing capacity and good temperature resistance round off STS4200’s profile. It is therefore suitable for vibration damper brakes in flexible clutches and sliding elements, for example chain and linear guides.

Technical datastaticdynamic
Mean coefficient of friction (dry)*10,23 µ0,13 µ
Tmax Operation temperature *2
Continuous operation
200 °C250 °C
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1) Testing in accordance with Krauss at a specific pressure of 1 N/mm², brake disk quality in S355J2
2) Temperatures quoted relate to the dynamic application case on the surface of the friction lining. The material function as a whole can only be guaranteed if the material is not permanently heated to more than 200 °C.
(Stand: 20.04.2015)