What is important in modern wind power technology is economic efficiency through long service lives and high coefficients of friction. Our STS4042 material is the perfect choice for these cutting-edge plants. It is very quiet during operation and has a long service life, thus making a big contribution to efficiency. The product also works in yaw brakes.

Technical datastaticdynamic
Mean coefficient of friction (dry)*10,40 µ 0,40 µ
Tmax Operation temperature *2
Continuous operation
180 °C250 °C
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1)Testing in accordance with Krauss at a specific pressure of 1 N/mm² (or 6 N/mm²), brake disk quality in S355J2
2)Temperatures quoted relate to the dynamic application case on the surface of the friction lining. The material function as a whole can only be guaranteed if the material is not permanently heated to more than 180 °C.
(Stand: 20.04.2015)