STS2050 Keramik-ContiRoll-Pressbelag

With its operating temperature of up to 250 °C, STS 2050 is the ideal ceramic ContiRoll press lining to optimise the productivity of your plant. Costly downtimes can be avoided through a better belt control, an extremely long service life and maximum temperature resistance. We offer a greatly prolonged service life and a high wear resistance. Your benefit is the trouble-free and highly efficient operation.

Technical datadynamic
Mean coefficient of friction
• dry *1
• oiled *1/2
0,6 µ
0,14 - 0,16
Tmax Operation temperature
Continuous operation
250 °C
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1) Testing in accordance with Krauss at a specific pressure of 1 N/mm²
2) Depending on the type of oil and the operating conditions
(Stand: 20.04.2015)