In modern drive and sealing technology, good sliding properties and the lowest possible coefficient of friction are crucial for an economic operation of plants. STS4100 is thus an ideal choice here. It is suitable for rotary kiln seals and sliding elements such as chain guides. A good wear resistance and high mechanical strength are further convincing product properties.


This product from the group of sliding materials is made of a resin-bonded, metal-free material, thus offering endless opportunities for a low-friction, stable application. In addition to the very low coefficient of friction, a good wear resistance in combination with a high load-bearing capacity and good temperature resistance round off STS4200’s profile. It is therefore suitable for vibration damper brakes in flexible clutches and sliding elements, for example chain and linear guides.


In the group of sealing materials, STS7999 stands for excellent sliding and sealing properties thanks to its low coefficient of friction. Its graphite base makes it a hard sliding material and the ideal choice for sealing rotary kilns and rotary drum furnaces, for example. It has good self-lubricating properties and a very high temperature resistance. It safely retains the necessary properties, even at operating temperatures of up to 800 °C.