Mechanical engineering and STS Friction – the combination for your success!

Efficient machinery and efficient operations with innovative materials from STS Friction GmbH.


Modern and innovative industrial firms work with machinery and equipment which are subjected to high loads in the “brake” and “coupling” areas. The efficient operation of these machines is an essential requirement for good economy – and this depends on the best materials.

STS Friction GmbH is an effective and creative partner for all your customers‘ requirements. Success in our industries requires rapid and tailored solutions. You can therefore rely on quick response times, direct approachability and short communication channels.

We have a wide product range of friction, sliding and insulating materials which have all been developed in-house and produced exclusively from branded raw materials. 

At STS Friction, we meet all demands concerning the individual shaping of our materials. Furthermore, with our wide range of dies, we are also the right partner for your spare parts requirements. We guarantee you the best service here, too: our application engineers respond quickly and reliably to our customers‘ requirements.

Our materials boast a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering:

The STS 4061 is distinguished by its exceptional dimensional stability and great mechanical strength in all stress directions. It impresses due to its minimal differences between static and dynamic friction coefficients. In addition, it goes easy on all common mating materials, while impressing with its own low wear.

The STS 4065 is the all-rounder in our product range. For dynamic application in industrial brakes and couplings, this lining is ideal for use thanks to its high and stable friction coefficients. This makes the material indispensable in modern mechanical engineering.

The STS 4590 is perfectly suited to the often heavy loads in mechanical engineering, especially in drive and lifting technology. It has a high, stable friction coefficient and is appropriate for use in disc brake pads – meaning they‘re perfect for brakes in cranes and rotors. The STS 4590 is an organically bound friction material with exceptionally high thermal load capacity and therefore also finds its application in the traditional working field of friction sinter linings.

Dry friction coefficient0,44 µ0,40 µ0,49 µ
Max. perm. temperature160 °C180 °C500 °C
Compressive strength at room temperature110 N/mm²115 N/mm²130 N/mm²

Mechanical engineering is an engine of innovation, spawning forward-looking products time and again. This engine can only run if it can rely on its materials. STS Friction can help you in this regard – all friction-related questions are in good hands when addressed to us.

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