A medium-sized company with a long tradition.

STS Friction GmbH was founded in 1993 by Achim Stillger and Annette Möschter in Moers. The starting signal was the sale as well as the relocation of the production of a well-established manufacturer of industrial flooring to Coswig near Dresden, as this released a significant amount of highly qualified workers and executives in the Ruhr area.

The Möschter family – until then a customer of this company – seized this opportunity and secured with the founding of STS Friction in Moers on April 21,1993 the freed-up competence and thus sustainable self-sufficiency in insulation materials for the DOTHERM brand. Soon, STS Friction became synonymous with high quality, short delivery times and fast adaptation of friction materials to special customer requirements.

Due to price pressure in the disc brake pads and insulating materials business units, STS Friction soon focused on supplying individual large facilitiy manufacturers in the mechanical engineering sector. Companies and world market leaders in the areas of “Continuous wood material presses” and “Highly flexible friction clutches” are among the long-standing customers.

Furthermore, STS Friction was early in the growth market of renewable energies and developed special friction linings for the various requirements in wind turbines. It supplies well-known manufacturers of brake systems and friction clutches for wind turbines that use the products successfully.


Launch CAQ-Software Babtec

April, 21, 2018: 25th Anniversary of STS Friction


Purchase of a CNC portal milling machine for processing friction pads

Transition of quality management systems to DIN ISO 9001:2015


Purchase of a scorching machine

Revision und rebuilding Banbury mixer

Purchase of the real estate from MOESCHTER Group 

Exemption of STS Friction from MOESCHTER Group


Expansion of the heat-treating department

Expansion of the der pressing department

On-site customer care after newly installed sales force 


Expansion of the pressing department by the use of 160 to press

Expansion of the mixery department by the use of 2.000 l mixer

Purchase of a wide belt machine

Purchase of a  3-spindle-BAZ for tool manufacture


Revision und rebuilding of all presses


Modernization of the extraction unit

Purchace of the die-cutting unit

seit 2012

Michael Spuckti took over the management of Klaus Mayer

Purchase of a roll bending machine and semi-automatic large size saw


Klaus Meyer became provisional Second Managing Dircector after the departure of Oliver Lauth

Advention of the production data collection


Purchase of the spring-loaded break test stand


Invention of the copper free high-performance break pad with the collaboration of Bugatti


Purchase of the materials testing machine by Zwick 

Invention of  the noice-free hardness pads for wind turbines

seit 2006

Original equipment manufacturer for highly flexible couplings

Redesign of the  building – new roofing and thermal insulation fot he facade


Purchase of the 50l-Banbury mixer

ab 2004

CI-Relaunch within the framework of the MOESCHTER GROUP

Oliver Lauth became Second Managing Director

ab 2001

After Achim Stillger’s death, Jürgen Möschter became sole Managing Director


STS supplies a go-kart track in Kerpen directly


Use of STS brake pads in Formula Ford


Use of STS 600ccm brake pads in Germany’s Motorcycle Endurance Cup


Original equipment manufacturer for German Indoor and Race karts producer


Implementation of the Quality Management Systems DIN ISO 9001

Seit 1994

Original equipment manufacturer for – in the engineering industry world famous – safety clutches 

Seit 1993/1994

Original equipment manufacturer for drive pads for sustainable particle board presses